Planning/Preparedness (5 points)

Evidence of performance planning; i.e. Choreography, was there any demonstration of the musical/movement or program dynamics, costumes, make-up, stage props, backdrop?
Preparation. Tuning – were CD or instruments and equipment made ready prior to performance? Did the performers start on time?
Relevance to theme topic e.g. lyrics learnt etc? Appeared ready and prepared to perform? Set list provided?

Originality (5 points)

Material. How unique did the songs sound? Did the songs fit the set? Did the songs fit the genre?
Appearance. Did the participants look original? Did they stand out?
Improvisation. Did the performers demonstrate any level of original improvisational skill? i.e. ‘jam out’ or vocal through an instrument change, repair or equipment failure.

Interface with Audience (5 points)

Verbal Interaction? Did the performers introduce themselves at all? Did the band talk to or with the audience?
Physical Interaction? Did the performers physically participate with the audience e.g. Eye contact, head nod, acknowledgements, waving, gesturing, dancing with the audience or giving hand signals.
Confidence. Were the performers confident in their interaction with the audience?

Quality of Performance (5 points)

Confidence/Competence. Did the performers look at ease whilst playing? Did they appear to be able to do what they wanted to do?
Set Dynamism. Did the performer’s set list appear to play according to a plan i.e. was it well constructed and able to manipulate the audience’s mood?
Stage Presence. Did they use the stage effectively? Did they appear positive about their performance? Did they interact effectively on stage? How did they cope with any problems they may have encountered?

Presentation (5 points)

Attitude. Did the performer’s on-stage attitude appear suitable to their genre.
Appearance. Did they show personality on stage? Did they appear to enjoy what they were doing?
Entertainment factor/Showmanship. Did they were able to entertain? Did one or the entire group display showmanship towards the crowd?

Total of 20 points