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What is Battle of the Sounds?

Battle of the Sounds is a “multi-genre” music competition held in local communities to promote community unity and youth development.

It is a four-week music competition that allows young, talented Nigerians with great, innovative, and unbeatable entertainment content to compete against one another in real-life music battles for the chance to win the Grand Prize to launch a new music career or support an existing one.

Who is eligible to participate?

Participation is open to all residents of the local community hosting the edition, regardless of race, gender, tribe, ethnicity, or religion, aged 18 to 28. Participation is also open to people living outside the host community who meet the eligibility requirements and are willing and able to cover their own travel expenses to the community.

What kind of musical talents are the organizers looking for?

A morally balanced, commercially viable, and sustainable talent with the potential to make a social impact. A musical talent who can launch his or her career with the grand prize offered by the show.

What is the process to follow in order to participate on the show?

Stage 1: Read the Eligibility Rules and Requirements properly.

Stage 2: Read the Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions.

Stage 3: Then go ahead to complete the Registration Form.

Will the BATTLE OF THE SOUNDS organizers share the grand prize with the winner?

The organizers/producers of Battle of the Sounds will not share or be involved in the use of cash winnings after winning the Grand Prize. However, the show’s producers can always provide advice to ensure your success.

If I was unsuccessful in previous seasons, can I still apply?

Applicants who were unsuccessful in previous seasons and did not reach the finals may reapply for the new season.

Is the show only for new music artists, or can established artists take part as well?

The show is only open to new and emerging musicians. A well-known artist may not be required to participate.

What is the age restriction?

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 28.

What is the selection process or stages for selecting the final contestants for the show?
  • Registration Stage: Contestants must complete the Registration Form on the website and include a link to their one-minute video entry.
  • Audition Stage: Contestants’ entries will be evaluated against the terms of submission and the organizers’ preferences.
  • Top 64 Contestants: Following the conclusion of the auditions, the top 32 – 64 contestants will be revealed at an Opening Ceremony in front of over 1000 guests, and these contestants will advance to the Battle Rings for the 4-week main show.
How Do I Audition for the Season 3?

You can audition by uploading a one-minute video of yourself singing or rapping to social media (especially Instagram) with the hashtag #BOTSentry2022 and tagging @BattleoftheSounds, then copying the link and filling out the online registration form.