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Ranking & Winners Selection

Battle Points


Coins are classified into two categories.

The Combat Coins are gained after each battle and are solely granted by the judges, whilst the Fan Coins are earned throughout the week after the battle by voting by fans on all of the competition’s voting platforms.

For further information, see Judging Criteria.


Points are awarded based on the total number of coins collected by each contender. Contestants can only earn one of three possible point values.

  • 3 points for defeating the opponent
  • 1 point is awarded when there is a tie between the opponents.
  • 0 points for losing against the opponent.

The total number of coins gained in each round determines whether a contestant wins, draws, or loses in that round, and this determines the total number of points granted for that round.

For example, if Contestant A receives 12 combat coins and Contestant B receives just 5 battle coins, Contestant A receives 3 points while Contestant B receives 0 points. Then, if during the week after the battle between these two contestants, Contestant A receives 3099 fan coins to Contestant B’s 4011 fan coins, Contestant A receives an extra 0 points, while Contestant B receives an additional 3 points.

As a result, the total number of points for that specific battle is 3 for Contestant A and 3 for Contestant B.

The Battle Ranking Board

For this tournament, contestants will be divided into eight nations. The points earned by contestants from each nation in the various rounds will determine their nation’s position on the Battle Ranking Table.

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze rewards are awarded to the top three nations on the Battle Ranking Table at the end of week 4 (8th Battle day).

Other Winnings

Though the grand prizes for this competition will be awarded to the top three Nations (i.e. group rewards) at the end of the tournament, individual champions in other genres will be honored with prizes for exceptional performances. For example, there will be a first-place reward for the winner of the Rap Battle, and so on.